Ad Blockers VS Mobile Advertising

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on Ad Blockers VS Mobile Advertising subject.


  • What is an Ad Blocker ?

We all have said at least one time in our lives “One ad again ?” when we were watching a Youtube video. Some of us just wait until the ad finish or don’t click on the ad when it appears. Whereas some of us use ad blockers.

But what is an ad blocker? An ad blocker is basically a program, which will block all the ads on your computer or mobile. It can be all the ads’ formats, such as video ads or pop-ups.

Ad Blockers VS Mobile Advertising-1
To be efficient in Mobile Advertising, companies have to invest in new formats and to innovate.


  • The Mobile Advertising

We can’t block the ads on the TV but it is possible to block the digital ads. Many people would say fortunately because we all know that digital advertising is much more annoying. Ad blockers were mostly used on computers. Whereas mobile ad blockers are increasing a lot since a few year.

Of course, this is a bad news for brands that put money into mobile or digital advertising. But is it really customers’ fault ? Customers will say no as they are sick of mobile advertising. So they defend themselves by using ad blockers.


  • What ARE the solutions for companies ?

Then, how companies can do advertising on mobiles (or even computers) by not annoying the consumers, while at the same time being efficient ? The main solutions are that they have to invest in new formats and to innovate.


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