Expansion of Mobile Marketing

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to talk about the expansion of Mobile Marketing.

Nowadays, with the evolution of digital, we can see the development of a new way of marketing : mobile advertising. This type of marketing is in expansion because of the progress around mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Expansion of Mobile Marketing-1
This picture is an example of mobile marketing in our daily lives.


Mobile Advertising


First, the mobile marketing used a lot of texts. But now it is also possible to make visual ads for mobile or to use geolocation. For example, when a client is near a store. Brands can also put some ads on application or use flashcodes.

This type of marketing seems to target really specific users. It comes into people privacy more than before.

This technic was born because of the intense using of mobile by users. Today, a large part of the consumers have one, so it helps to target a large part of the population.

Of course this is still not 100% sure that people read and get interest by the ad. But there is more chance than all the other ways.

For agencies and brands, mobile represents a media which permit to create a relation with the consumers. Therefore, Mobile Marketing is nowadays necessary for brands.

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