Mobile Marketing in China

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on Mobile Marketing in China.


  • The increase of smartphones users in China

Since the Republic of China has loosen its grip on Internet access, Chinese people tend to use theirs smartphones to browse on the web more. Consequently, the number of smartphones users increased, getting from 380 millions in 2012 to 500 millions in 2015.

Considering China’s economic potential on an international level market, brands naturally made a move on the Internet with what has become a head-spinning ballet of social events, campaigns, and mobile ads.


Mobile Marketing in China-1
China’s mobile sales are exploding since it has loosen its grip on Internet access.


  • Which strategies are used by brands in China ?

At the beginning of the China’s Smartphone Boom, brands mostly used SMS and MMS promotions, QR codes, and their Chinese websites. E-mails got a slightly minor success because people use their smartphones more than their laptops to access Internet.

So brands processed by traditional marketing strategies at first, and now both brands and customers are willing to interact more through social, apps and video.

Mobile marketing in China is still growing. It will likely develop the use of custom mobile apps and mobile advertising.

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