Why Pokémon Go is a Real Mobile Marketing Lesson ?

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on Pokémon Go as Real Mobile Marketing Lesson?


  • Pokémon Go app

You’ve probably heard of the new worldwide phenomenon : Pokémon Go. Perhaps you’re not one of the ten million users of the app, but I am sure you know how it works. If you don’t, here is a little explanation of the app’s functioning :

The app works by geo-positioning and augmented reality. In fact, you have to work through the city to find and catch Pokémons which are in random places. During your Pokémon’s quest, you will meet “PokéStop” which are points of reference which will offer different items like Pokéballs for example.

It is the first app game which use the augmented reality and which makes you walk in order to play. This incredible format added to the previous Pokémon phenomenon’s success have made the game really famous.

Pokémon Go-1
These pictures are two screens shots of the game Pokémon Go.


  • But what can we learn about this app?

As you may think, there are many marketers and companies around the world who are already working hard in order to benefit from this success.

For example, Monoprix recently did a marketing campaign when the shop gave out free “Pokémon trainers’ kits” during this summer. Monoprix didn’t expect as much success and the shop was literally overcrowded.

It proves that companies can nowadays combine virtual and real life to do their marketing and in an easy way. Indeed, the users don’t necessarily realize that brands use their game to do marketing, they just are playing.

But how long will it last? Players hope that the game won’t become the meeting place of all the brands to attract customers because the game will lose its value : customers’ freedom.


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