Mobile Marketing through Pokémon Go

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on Mobile Marketing through Pokémon Go.


  • Examples of brands which used Pokémon Go

Mobile games represent an opportunity to engage customers into brand loyalty. With its massive success after release, Pokémon Go is a gold mine of data and new customers for brands. They use the very principle of the game to generate location-based marketing.

For instance, in Japan, Mc Donald’s turned about 3,000 restaurants into PokéStops, PokéCenters and Gyms. In the UK, Pokémon Go’s most popular sponsors are Kinder, Smirnoff and Domino’s Pizza.

Mobile Marketing through Pokémon Go-1
Pokemon Go, a huge potential in China.


  • Pokémon Go events

Furthermore, brands create Pokémon Go events to attract customers. For example, Los Angeles Zoo launched a PokéWeek at the end of July 2016. By creating 45 PokéStops and 3 Gyms spread into the Zoo, and giving discounts on the entrance tickets, the Zoo surely increased the number of visits.

There are many other examples of Mobile Marketing through Pokémon Go, involving various brands all around the world. We believe this has and will have a huge impact in marketing and custom services. So, this trend merely begins to develop.

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