Mobile Marketing Trends around the World

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to talk about Mobile Marketing Trends around the World.

Mobile marketing is not really developed in Europe. In the East coast of this continent, people are using their computer to work and see their mobile as a gadget. That was true 3 years ago. Today our smartphone is a real tool for us. We can now work, play, and make research and plenty of other things with it.

Mobile Marketing Trends around the World-1
The using of smartphones in daily lives.


However, in Africa or in Latin America, this market was developing years ago. This is because they didn’t really know all the steps of the beginning of internet that they managed to really use smartphones as work tools.

In those countries, advertisements on mobiles are really used by companies because this is where the audience stands the most.

In Europe, this metamorphosis of communication has begun but, we’re quite late considering the other continents. Let’s see what will happen few years later !

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