Mobile Marketing Campaign – IKEA Catalogue App

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen the example of an IKEA’s Mobile Marketing Campaign.


  • How did the app work ?

IKEA used mobile marketing in 2013 for its catalogue app. This app used the phone or tablet’ camera to scan the room of the users. Then, it included new IKEA products with the technology of augmented reality.

The app helped customers to visualize, for instance, their living room with a new IKEA’s table before purchasing it. This app was used on iOS and Android mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

IKEA catalogue app-1
The IKEA’s Catalogue App on smartphones and tablets.


The idea of the IKEA Catalogue app came from an observation of the customers’ behaviors. When they went to IKEA, they always measured every parts of the product, to be sure that it will fit at home. According to an IKEA survey, 14% of its customers came home with a wrong-sized furniture.

This app was useful and kind of funny, as we can see on the Youtube video. This was the main reason why customers didn’t really feel the app as a marketing campaign.


  • What were the results of this Mobile Marketing Campaign ?

This creative idea had a huge success. Indeed, the app was installed by 6.2 million users and it was the number one download. According to a survey, users spent around 8 minutes on the IKEA Catalogue App, whereas they spent usually 3 minutes with the printed catalogue.

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