Case Study : Instagram mistreated children

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on a case study : Instagram mistreated children.

  • The @GuiltyTags Campaign

In its campaign @GuiltyTags, the association Innocence en danger (a children’s protection association) denounces the dark side of social media. This operation on the awareness of child abuse is based on the Instagram social platform. This is one of the most used social media on mobile devices. Based on 9 real stories, all the culprits (as the aunt, social assistant, school director…) have been tagged on the photos of their victims.

With 60 reproduced profiles, GuiltyTags is taking its users in the victim children and their entourage lives. The purpose? To understand the circumstances which lead to all these dramas.


  • Analysis of the campaign

Like the latest operation with Louise Delage (Read our article), GuiltyTags helps to understand that children violence is a reality. And that we can fight against when we begin to pay attention to the forerunners.

The originality and the strength of this campaign are based on its huge digital ecosystem which shows a rich content to Internet users who were asked to be vigilant on the least detail.

As this campaign is doing it, webmarketing can take inspiration from the reality to raise awareness among the Internet users. Indeed, creating fake accounts and photos on social media for a campaign is now a well-known technique in e-marketing.

Instagram mistreated children
Screenshot of GuiltyTags’ Instagram account


In fact, brands and associations are using social media to denounce the negative and dangerous facets of these platforms. Whether we like it or not, it seems to be the best way to make people become aware of a cause. Indeed, how to raise awareness among Internet users on their utilization and behaviors on internet, better than directly in their digital and personal ecosystem?

As this campaign says it, we have to remember that social media are connecting us. And therefore make all of us responsible of what is happening in our contacts’ lives. So we can avoid dramas in our entourage by taking time and pay attention to details. It is a beautiful lesson of life that everyone should follow.

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