Chatbots, a New Way of Communication

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on chatbots. Nowadays, the way of communicating changes. We’re not anymore trying to sell our products, but we’re working on Brand Content.


What is brand content?

It’s a way of communication about the brand’s image. We work around the brand’s universe, about its philosophy and its emotions. In this new way of communication, brands are working on several supports. The most used are digital and mobile supports.

One of the strategy is to use chatbots. They are bots which can answer questions or have an automatic discussion. In most of cases, it is used for after sales service . But some brands succeed in find another use for this support. Let’s see some examples.

  • “L’ami Ricoré”

The creative social media agency Marcel developed a bot, which is able to wake you up with a gif and a joke every day. And this without selling any product or harass people with too much communications. This brand had succeeded in putting Ricoré in people’s daily routine and changed its position for target.


  • “Chat bot de la dictée Pavot”

Present on Wechat, this bot was an activation for “La dictée de Pavot” in China. The purpose of this device was to recruit the 29 finalists for the “dictée”. With a Q&A (question & answer) system, the bot could determinate the French level of the people who he was talking with.


  • “The Love bot”

This bot was an activation by Durex on Twitter. The purpose of this was to “form” new couples by scanning tweets and by searching for emojis.


To conclude, bots are more and more used today. We think that we’re going to assist to an huge expansion of this phenomena.

Thank you for reading ! Are you interested in our blog articles ? Tell us in comments below.

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