Louise Delage, a prevention campaign through Instagram

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to talk about Louise Delage, a prevention campaign through Instagram.

  • The Louise Delage Campaign

Early August 2016, Louise Delage appeared on Instagram. The young Parisian of 25 years old shared pictures of herself at the beach, in the streets of Paris, on terraces, in parties…

At first sight, the life of the young lady looked like every others girl of her generation on Instagram. But, after observing better all the publications, we could observe that on each, a striking detail returns.

Louise drunk regularly and on almost every pictures we could see glasses or bottles of alcohol in her hand.

Louise Delage, a prevention campaign through Instagram
Screenshot of Louise Delage’s Instagram account


  • The results of this campaign

The account of Louise Delage, follow by about 7000 people, was in fact a storytelling campaign. It was imagined and realized by the agency BETC for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. And this, in order to denounce the staging of oneself on social networks and social alcoholism among young people. Louise, a young model in real life, was the result of a relevant strategy and served as a “ revealer” of her generation.

The prevention campaign lasted one year and at the end, BETC published a video in order to reveal all the trick.


  • Our opinion

The message at the end “It’s easy to miss out on the addiction of a loved one” is very powerful. Especially for people which had followed her regularly since over one year and which did’nt notice the regular presence of alcohol in the pictures.

We think that now, those people (and us included) are going to look influencers’ accounts on Instagram with a different eye. In fact, it’s important to look back on the “professional” accounts that are not a reflection of reality.

We admire BETC for their creativity, because they have managed to interfere among the influencers and send a strong message with this Louise Delage campaign.

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