Youtubers Taking Over Itunes K-pop Charts

Today, the Imaginarium Agency has chosen to focus on Asian American Youtubers Taking Over Itunes K-pop Charts.

Have you ever heard of BgA ? Meaning "Boys generally Asians", the acronym stands for an asian-american parodic k-pop group that took over Itunes K-pop chart at the end of March 2017.


  • Everything started in 2016

Everything started when famous youtuber Ryan Higa, also known as Nigahiga, released a video on his Youtube channel starring himself and his friends - Philip Wang from Wongfu Productions, comedian Justin Chon, musician David Choi, and violinist Jun Sung Ahn, also known as Jun Curry Ahn - in a skit where they decided to become a K-pop group.



Despite the fact that they can't speak Korean and can't really sing or dance, their group called BgA (Boys generally Asians) released their first song Dong Saya Dae. The video, presenting the skit and the M/V of their song, had an immediate and huge impact on Youtube.

Many netizens, including Korean people, posted reaction videos several days later, acknowledging the fact that Ryan Higa and his friends well depicted all the codes of the K-pop world. Their song, available on Itunes, reached #4 at that time, along with the songs of legit famous K-pop groups such as BTS or Monsta X.


  • BgA's comeback in 2017

Despite all the positive reactions from netizens all over the world, the parodic K-pop group stayed low for around a year, until Ryan Higa posted a picture on Instagram, showing him in a recording studio with the caption "back at it again... #BgA?" earning immediate enthusiastic responses from his fans.

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From that day on, the Youtuber and his friends regularly posted teaser pictures of them on their respective Instagram accounts, and their Facebook pages.

A BgA official Instagram account was also created to display "corporate-like" pictures of the group or its members. They also settled a countdown for their comeback, like legit K-pop groups, by posting a different picture everyday (still on Instagram and Facebook), as you can see below.


At D-1, BgA also posted a teaser of their video, which is basically the sequel of their skit and the M/V of their new song.

On D-Day, Nigahiga started a Facebook Live while launching the video on his Youtube channel, in order to interact with their fans. Other members like Philip Wang, David Choi and Wongfu Productions also posted something on their respective Facebook accounts.

Youtubers Taking Over Itunes K-pop Charts-6

Their second song Who's It Gonna Be, available on Itunes, reached #3 within one hour, and became #1 a few hours later, outdoing Monsta X, GOT7, and BTS, who had broken their own chart and sales records with their latest singles.

Youtubers Taking Over Itunes K-pop Charts-7


  • Beyond the parody

Beyond the light, funny, and parodic aspect of BgA's videos and songs, which brings them support from international netizens, the group shows a detailed and accurate work of research around all the codes or means of advertising used in the K-pop industry. From the goodies and the fandom name to the campaign countdown and the M/V teasers, Higa and his friends skillfully used those codes in the process.

Nowadays, K-pop industry is still quite exclusive in Asia, and BgA successfully brings that specific culture and way of advertising music to our western side of the world. It is a great opportunity to discover a part of the music industry we are not accustomed with.

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