About us


Our History

We are five French students, both ambitious and creative, who have decided to put their skills altogether in order to establish the Imaginarium Agency. Its strength lies in the unicity of our team. Therefore, we successfully reach our goals. We share a common interest for light then pleasant way of communicating, which hasn’t prevented us from being effective. We cannot wait to show you what we really are capable of. So let’s get working !



Our job is to help you creating and setting up a global communication strategy. Together with you, we decide what would suit you the best. Once the strategy has been adopted, we display different services.

  • Creation of a website
  • Community management
  • Writing of newsletters
  • Motion design
  • Creation of visuals : print, flyer, logo, visit card, GIF
  • Event organisation


The Imaginarium Agency - TeamWe introduce you our team : Gaspard Ryst, Madeleine Paux, Margaux Simoen, Hélène Gratzmuller and Aurore Lanzarini.


We strongly believe in moral values such as :




It is to share with you the work of the Imaginarium Agency.

This website targets professionals, who are interested in Communications and also Marketing.

The Imaginarium Agency’s website proposes content about varied subjects such as Mobile Marketing or Pokémon Go.

Finally, you can use this website to :

  • discover our creative work
  • be aware of the agency’s recent news and articles
  • learn more about the new Imaginarium Agency


The Imaginarium Agency has been created for a school project at the ISCOM Paris (Communication School). Here is the website of the school : www.iscom.fr